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Explore Tripoli

The Undiscovered Pearl of the Mediterranean

History of Tripoli

Welcome to Tripoli, a vibrant city where the past and present dance in harmony. Its journey began over three millennia ago with the Phoenicians and unfurled under the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Mamluks, and Ottomans, each adding their unique brushstrokes to this living canvas. Today, Tripoli invites you to traverse its winding streets, where ancient mosques, bustling souks, and echoes of a rich past coexist with the heartbeat of modern life. Step into the timeless charm of Tripoli and discover a city that's writing history, one day at a time.


Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Tripoli, a city alive with rich traditions, arts, and customs. Experience the melody of traditional music echoing through the streets, explore bustling souks boasting unique artisan crafts, and partake in the joyous local festivals that dot the calendar. From the delicate artistry of traditional soap making to the city's famed gastronomy featuring iconic sweets and Lebanese staples, Tripoli offers a feast for the senses. Each cultural facet is a vivid thread in the city's rich tapestry, making every moment in Tripoli a celebration of its unique identity.


Eat and Drink

Tripoli's gastronomy is a symphony of flavors that echoes the city's rich cultural heritage. Here, every dish tells a story. Indulge in the heavenly sweetness of traditional treats like baklava and halawet el jeben, which will have your taste buds dancing. The coastal location gifts Tripoli with an abundance of seafood, served fresh and cooked to perfection in the local eateries. Venture further into the traditional cuisine and discover mouth-watering dishes like kibbeh and hummus that reflect the soul of Lebanese culture. And what’s a visit to Tripoli without experiencing its coffee culture? The aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafts through the city's streets, drawing you into quaint coffee shops where conversations flow as smoothly as the rich coffee. Come savor the essence of Tripoli through its food.

Sites to Visit

Embark on a journey through time as you explore the gems of Tripoli. Stroll through the bustling ancient Souks with their labyrinth of shops. Marvel at the hilltop Citadel of Raymond de Saint-Gilles, which offers a panorama of the city’s history and landscapes. Be captivated by the modernist architecture of the Rachid Karami International Fair, designed by Oscar Niemeyer. For nature lovers, the Palm Islands Nature Reserve beckons with pristine beaches and bird-watching. Immerse yourself in spiritual heritage by visiting the myriad churches and mosques, such as the Taynal Mosque and Saint-Michel Church. Lastly, take a nostalgic trip to the Abandoned Train Station, where history stands still amongst vintage trains. Tripoli awaits with treasures untold.

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